Want to translate Twake ?

Translation process

Twake is built for everyone. That means we support languages that user want. If we do not already support your language, or you find a mistake in the translation, you have a simply way to do that.

Send us a mail to this address saying that you want to help us on the translation : sales@twake.app. After, you'll have to follow the bellow steps.

Join weblate server

At Twake, we use weblate, a tool that allow you to translate Twake without working on the code. After you sent an email, we'll invite you to the project. Inside the Twake project you can find twake-web-frontend that contains all translation for the web version.

Start to translate

After choosing the language you want to contribute, you can click on categories that need some work (like Not translated strings . Now you can start to translate : you have to fulfill the input You can see Other languages tab to give you more context about the string. After, just click on save and it is done !

Thank you!

Twake is build by and for the community. Your commitment is highly appreciate! In reward, we can offer you a year on our SaaS version. You just have to contact us through this email : sales@twake.app

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