Create your first application

You want to create an application for Twake? It's easy, just follow the steps in this documentation! πŸ˜€


This guide will walk you through creating, setting up and installing a Twake application.


  • You are a manager of the company.


1. Create a Twake application

  1. Start by opening your Workspace settings

  2. Go to Applications and connectors, you should see an Installed applications area and Applications developed by the company,

  3. Click on Access your applications and connectors then Create an application,

  4. Enter your application name and application group.

Application group is used to group your application with other applications of the same type. Be careful, the application group will not be modifiable later.

2. Identity of the application (Optional)

Let's add a description and an icon for our application. it will be much prettier! πŸ˜‡

3. API settings

There you will find some important pieces of information:

  • Your API private key,

  • Your public application identifier,

  • URL that will be used to receive events for your application,

  • List of IP addresses that have the right to call the Twake API with your credentials. (You can use *during the development of your application.)

Private key and Public application identifier ​​relate to calls to the Twake API.

4. Display settings (Optional)

To configure where your application should display, you need to fill a JSON object in Display Settings field.

Here is a quick example, each field is optional and his presence determines the positioning of your application in Twake.

5. Application privileges

Your application can access and modify data, only according to your needs you don't need to access all the data present in Twake. This is why you must specify the accesses for the proper functioning of your application. These accesses will be public and indicated to the user before the installation of your application.

In our example, we will only add message_save and message_remove in Write privileges. If you want to know more about capabilities and privileges, take a look at the list here.

6. Install application

Once you've configured your application, you need to install it on Twake.

Go to Applications and connectors, search and display your application then install it.

Your application is now ready, check the Authenticate with Postman documentation for starting using it !

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