Welcome to the developers API home, here you can create apps, plugins and connectors for Twake.


Twake offer the possibility to uses a lot of application to increase the quality of your team workflow. You can now easily send a Gif to add conviviality into your channels, start Jitsi calls in one click, create polls or even get notified in your channels using webhooks or automation as powerful as n8n allows.

Ready to use integration:

Twake have some integrations ready to use that are just waiting for you to be installed in your workspaces. You can find in the list below these integrations:

Imagination is your limit

By installing webhooks or n8n in your workspace, you can now imagine infinite uses cases to increase the quality of your team workflow. Connect your channels to get notify of new code changes when pushing on github or to get notify in a n8n workflow.

If you think that you can't do something with integration, as Twake is open source, feel free to contribute to an existing Twake's integration or even more create the new integration that answer to your need.

Please do not work on this list of plugins as we already made them (their are just not yet open-sourced) Zapier, IFTTT, OnlyOffice, RSS feed, Github, Gitlab and Reminder.

🤗 We are not yet ready for this documentation, up this issue to have it sooner : https://github.com/TwakeApp/Twake/issues/116

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