Trigger action from command

Trigger action from command


This guide will introduce you to trigger action from your application using command


  • You have already created a Twake application.
  • Your application is installed and saved in your company.


1. Let your application listen to command

  • Go in your app developer's setting:
    • Click on your username in the top left corner
    • Go to workspace settings
    • Go to integrations
    • Click on the three-dot next to your application
    • Open developper setting
  • Click on display
  • You will find and editable object containing a twake object
  • Add a new property commands in this object like this:
    • "commands" : [{"command": string, "descritpion": string }]
    • The first property of commands is command that let you define a name for your command, by default the command name is the name of your application.
    • The second property of command is description that let you describe the way to use the command you want to define.

2. Use your command in a channel

  • In the message editor write /command
  • A popup displaying the description on how to use the command related to your application should open.