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To use Twake online it is simple, just go on twake.app and click "Sign up".

Want to install it on your own server ? It is here.

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👋Welcome to Twake !

If you want to see the latest updates you can go here: https://github.com/linagora/Twake/blob/main/changelog.md

Use the canary version to try out new features

You want to try the latest features from Twake before they come out to production? You can!

We have a server called Canary that will give you access to new features 1 month before their official releases. This server is compatible with the classic server so it means you can still discuss with your team even if you are the only one using the canary server.

The goal of the canary server it to do additional testing with a larger set of users, so if you encounter any issue, please notify us to help us fix the version before to ship it on production.

When using the canary server, the best is to set it up on all your devices like so:

How to use it on my browser

Just go to canary.twake.app instead of web.twake.app.

How to use it on the desktop app

Press Shift+Alt+Command or Shift+Ctrl+Alt to open the "Change server url" popup then enters https://canary.twake.app in the input then press OK.

How to use it on the mobile app

Logout from the mobile app, click on Change server and put https://canary.twake.app then login.

If you want to see the latest updates on the canary server you can go here: https://github.com/linagora/Twake/blob/canary/changelog.md

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