☝️ Rights

Twake has several levels of rights. Users belong to one or more workspaces within the company. They can have different statuses inherent to their membership to the company or workspace

Owner of the company

He's the administrator of the whole company. He can:

  • Allow connectors and applications to be installed in workspaces

  • Change the corporate identity

  • Giving/withdrawing the right "Owner of the company" to a member of the company

By default, the creator of the company is the administrator.

Workspace administrator

He's the team administrator. He has the same rights as a user. In addition, he can:

  • Add/remove connectors and applications in the workspace

  • Changing the identity of the workspace

  • Adding members to the workspace

  • Delete workspace

  • Create channel

  • Add connector

By default, the creator of the workspace is the administrator. This right can be cumulated with that of a company administrator.


The "user" right is the default right of a member in a workspace. It can :

  • Read and send messages to public and private chat channels (to which he has been invited)

  • Create, modify, delete documents from the drive

  • Create, edit, delete events and calendars

  • Create, modify, delete tables and tasks Invite users to the workspace

  • Create a workspace within the company

Workspace guest

This status is intended for people from outside the company who work actively in the team. They can work as a normal user. However, he or she cannot create a workspace or invite members to the company.

Guest of a channel

This status is intended for external partners working on a specific topic with the team. This invitation corresponds only to a discussion channel. Users invited to a discussion channel have access only to this channel and the associated tabs.